Unloved Room to Family Media Room

After moving into their new house and renovating it in to a gorgeous home, this one room at the back of the house which was previously a TV room but quite obviously nothing more than a TV on a stand, needed something more special than just to be a TV room.
After contacting us, we created a design which would keep the room to the same decorative tone of the rest of the home yet integrate a full cinema experience.
Being a bright room, a projector did not suit so a large 75" 4K TV was chosen. Around this screen, an Artcoustic Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 audio package was selected to provide the best audio performance for the room with a minimalist approach.
All the equipment hidden away in a jet black AV Cabinet.
All of this is tied together with a powerful and easy to use control package featuring a dedicated handset with support for an app for total control of their new system.

5.1.2 Dolby Media TV Room

We were asked to create a minimalist yet high performance TV room for the family.
The combination of the large 75" TV with a stunning audio package resulted in a simply yet beautiful room which provide endless entertainment for the client's and their two young children.
One of our favourite media rooms to date